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April 03, 2012
Badgeville Offers Cloud- Based Gamification Platform And Expertise
By Bill Ives
Badgeville provides the Behavior Platform™ a cloud-based gamification platform that allows organizations to build custom gamification programs for their employees, business partners, and customers. I recently spoke with Kevin Akeroryd, SVP Field Operations of Badgeville, about their offering.

My first question was why there is so much buzz today over a concept that has been around for decades. Like many others I was involved in creating incentive programs for employee participation in learning efforts in the 80s and knowledge management programs in the 90s. Kevin said that he sees four main reasons. First, the social games from companies like Zynga and Playdom, along with geolocation check-in applications such as Foursquare, have created awareness and high interest in behavior recognition and gaming activities on the Web.

Secondly, many thought leaders and pundits have begun to write about gamification and academics have started to research the topic. Third, there are new tools that make it easy to build such programs, especially those that work through the cloud. Badgeville is one of these. Fourth, there are more advanced analytics to track the results. This all makes sense to me.

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